Are you in need of a sport court makeover? Maybe your tennis court, basketball court, pickleball court has seen better days. If this sounds familiar, allow one of our certified technicians to answer the call with a fast response time and professional service. A representative will respond to your courts location and evaluate the best ways for improvement within your budget. We provide sport court power washing, resurfacing, repainting, as well as minor to major crack repair.

APPLICATION: We use SportMaster premium sport surfacing products recognized by the USPTA, available in many colors and manufactured using industry standard, 100% acrylic resins and vibrant fade-resistant pigments for long-term customer satisfaction.

CRACK REPAIR: We offer an affordable option depending on the severity of the crack. Through exclusive technology for long-term repair, we are proud to be a certified contractor authorized in the installation of the #1 crack repair system recommended by engineers, architects and park and recreation contractors. The RiteWay, Tru-Bounce Crack Repair system is made in the USA and guarantees NO Bubbles, NO Dead Spots and NO Hollow Sounding Areas. Expansion and contraction of cracks in the New England climate must be considered when preserving the playability of the courts surface. A Riteway repaired crack, is the right way to eliminate dead spots and additional costly repairs that will surface sooner than later.”Courts will be 100% Tournament Playable and provide a True Ball Bounce” Guaranteed. When we fix a crack, we fix it the RiteWay, by solving the problem, not just covering it up.